Dust and smoke issues in the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District

LADWP Buckley Pond burn

Posted by admin on March 10, 2014

Starting at about 9:30 this morning, LADWP ignited 13 acres of tules in a prescribed burn at Buckley Ponds east of Bishop.  Most of the smoke went SSE on light winds toward Black Mountain.   From there, it seemed to disperse on out Death Valley Road  that splits off of Hwy 168 (to Westgard Pass) toward Eureka Dunes.  Higher winds after noon cleared any residual smoke out of the Owens Valley.  This is as good a smoke-dispersion result as could possibly be hoped for in a prescribed burn.

Below are two photographs of the smoke dispersion, one looking SW from Redding Canyon Rd and the second looking SE from W Warm Springs Rd by the Bishop Sunland Landfill.  (Click on photos to see full-size images)  Black Mountain is obscured by the smoke on the left side of the Redding Canyon Rd photo.  The same peak can be used as a reference point in the center of the W Warm Springs Rd photo.


Buckley Pond burn as seen from Redding Canyon Rd at 11:15 AM, Monday 3/10/2014


Buckley Pond burn as seen from W Warm Springs Rd at 11:37 AM, Monday 3/10/2014


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